Ambush Chess presents

The Burlington Chess Challenge

Open Chess Tournaments (USCF Rated)

April 7, 2018; May 12, 2018; June 9, 2018

Our location is the Factory of Innovation in downtown Burlington, NC at 347 S Main St, 27215

The tournament is a 3 round swiss event with a time control of G/75 d5. We employ a flexible section format based on number of entries and the most current USCF supplement of ratings.
Section sizes could be between 10 and 16 competitors. The prize fund is bolstered by donations from our sponsors:


More in process

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Valerio's Italian Restaurant will give a 10% discount for dine-in to all with a USCF ID card on the day of the tournament.
The tournament venue is located walking distance (1 block) from our sponsors. They are restaurants that will enjoy serving you lunch, snacks and dinner.

Spectators may attend for free, but must be quiet. Cell phones must be off or on vibrate for spectators and are not allowed for participants.
We have a spacious seating area for parents with comfortable chairs, couches and tables.


Onsite registration

8:55-9:45 AM


Phone, text (336)260-1476 or email the following info:
Subject: Burlington Chess Challenge
Email address
Name: last, first
USCF Rating
Cell phone #:
Notes: BYE requests, Do not pair requests, team/club name ...

Preregistration deadline

9:00 PM the day before the event.

Late registration

May receive a first round 1/2 point bye, avoid this by calling/texting ahead.

Entry fees

$25 cash onsite if preregistered. $26.00 in advance via PayPal to
Onsite registration fee of $30 (the normal fee + $5) (unless preregistered the before 9 PM previous day.)
We accept all major credit & debit cards via PayPal. PayPal account is not required.
Only cash or PayPal will be accepted on site!!
USCF MASTERS (2200+) Free Entry; entry fee deducted from prize

Additional info

One 1/2 Point BYE available for any round. If you need/desire a BYE, it must be requested before registration closes.
The tournament is open to all with a USCF membership (obtain in advance at ).
The tournament will follow the rules set by the United States Chess Federation.

Unrated competitors

Unrated competitors will play in a section at the TD's discretion. They might be allowed entry to the bottom section.
They will not enter the top section without proof of ability to compete in that section.
Such as arating from another federation or a pretournament blitz game.


Round Time ControlStart Time
1 Game /75 5 sec delay 10:00 am
2 Game /75 5 sec delay 1:15 pm
3 Game /75 5 sec delay 4:15 pm

Prize Fund

No prizes are gauranteed. Section prizes will be equal regardless of the actual entries in each section.

Extra Prizes - Sponsor Positions

Normal Prizes

The prize fund has been bolstered by donations from our sponsors which may vary from tournament to tournament.

Example: if $100 donated and 44 entrants, $20 will be added to first place of the highest rated section.
The remaining $80 will be distributed across 8 sponsor positions.
These sponsor positions will be 5th - 6th positions in all 3 sections and 7th for the top 2 sections.
In this case, the winner of each sponsor postion will receive $10.
In the case of ties that extend positions beyond 7th/8th, tie breaker points will resolve the issue.

The Tournament Director reserves the right to deviate from this schedule if necessary.
The payout is 80% of the entry fee pool.
Example: based on $900 prize fund (not part of the donated extra prizes):
If the participant turnout produces 3 sections:

First place in each section (round($250x0.67)) = $167
Second place in each section (round($250x0.33)) = $83
Third place in each secion (entry fee) = $25
Fourth place in each section(entry fee) = $25
The Tournament Director reserves the right to deviate from this schedule if necessary.

More information: