Ukraine Red Cross Charity GM Chess Simul (OTB)

Friday night June 3rd, 2022
Open to all chess players rated or unrated (USCF/FIDE rated players must be below 2000)
No chess memberships required.
Donation method for online viewers will be available.
Limit 50 entries

Chess Grandmaster Elshan Moradiabadi will play a charity chess hybrid simul (online and physical) vs 50 people. The room is only big enough for 30 boards, so as soon as one person loses the next will sit down to challenge. He will start at board 1 and make his move, then to board 2 to make his move and then sequentially to each board around the room in circular fashion. He will play 30 physical games simultaneously + the online boards. Also, the games will be displayed online via and there will be live video expert commentary. More on the tech details later.

The online spots to play him are being auctioned. To make a bid or rebid see the registration page. It is as simple as sending an email. To see your position in the bid list, look at the bidders page in the tabs above. Money for the bids will be sent at time of bid. Physcial spots obtained by donation. A method for extra online donations will be available during the event. All donations and money for the playing spots will go to Red Cross relief for the Ukraine.

Organizer North Carolina Chess Association
TD Charles Roberson
Site Country Inn & Suites Burlington NC
Accounts No memberships required
Suggested interface The simul will be over the board (face to face) for the participants and the games will be displayed online via and with expert commentary
Time Control When the GM gets to your board, you make your move.
Commentary Will be on twitch with WGM Sabina Foisor and more.


  1. Anybody is eligible - USCF and NCCA memberships NOT required.
  2. Hardware:Bring your own chess sets and boards (clocks not needed for a simul).
  3. Online Players: Cheating with computer move assistance is expressly prohibited! That includes opening and endgame references.

Covid Rules (may change due to government requirements)

  1. Vaccination preferred
  2. Masks and gloves optional
  3. Hotel rules:
    1. Duty to inform: Please notify the hotel if any member of your traveling party has evaluated positive for COVID-19.
    2. Traveling Party Face Coverings: We strongly encourage face coverings whenever on-site, in public areas at the hotel property.